A company built on extreme customer service

When you’re on a deadline… and every minute counts… it’s time to call Redline Express! We’re the No. 1 courier service in Florida, and we guarantee to make your deadline. That’s EXTREME.

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Who We Are

Redline Express

We conduct ourselves like you’re always watching. We don’t cut corners. Our customer service representatives and dispatchers are all highly trained professionals and available around the clock. Our secure on-line order & track is world-class. We utilize the latest technology to track your shipments from pick-up to drop-off and allow you the client online access to check for yourself or place an order at your convenience. Because we know the business inside and out, we hold ourselves to an even higher standard (extreme Standards) than our customers do. We believe that from the moment you hand off a shipment to Redline Express, you should be able to consider the job done.
Courier History

Over 30 years of providing service

Redline Express was founded in 2011 by CEO Robert Cowart with over 30 years of providing service to businesses in Florida, the Tampa area and beyond with a complete range of same-day delivery solutions. Our mission was to create a single convenient and flexible service that combined expedited delivery with Extreme Customer Service. We specialize in STA-TSA Medical, Dangerous Goods Certified & Pharmaceutical Industries

Since our company’s inception, we’ve built a reputation on the level of Extreme Service at Redline Express; it’s Our abilities to adapt efficiently to our client’s needs. Redline Express is Right For Your Company, because Service is what we Sell.

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Redline Express Careers

Redline Express Courier Service is one of the most experienced on-demand transportation service providers in Florida with the best reputation. Along with experienced dispatchers we utilize the most up to date and advanced technology to satisfy our driver’s needs and set them up for success!

As an Independent Contractor you will learn the skills necessary to properly handle pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, biohazard waste and much more.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Contractor Redline Express Courier Service please take the time to fill out the following information for further consideration. This is a multiple-step process. Please be patient and complete each step to the best of your ability.

Why Us?

Why Redline Express Courier?

Redline Express Courier, Inc. is a full service delivery and logistics provider offering a full range of standard services all the way up to complicated customized dedicated structures to meet your every delivery need.