Medical Courier

We do not transport patients. We transport lab specimens and other items.

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Medical Delivery Services

Medical Courier Services

Redline Express Medical Delivery Services offer same-day medical stat, specimen pick-up, courier service to hospitals, laboratories, clinical facilities, and medical processing laboratories nationwide. Trained in full compliance with all OSHA Safety and Health, OSHA Regulations, Environmental Health & Safety on blood-borne pathogens, and HIPAA, each and every medical courier is tested in the transport for a wide variety of medical healthcare requirements and is equipped to handle all medical delivery service needs. Our Same day medical deliveries are flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of the Medical Healthcare Industry.

Door-to-door, counter-to-counter, or door-to-airport same-day medical equipment, as well as hold for pick-up and expedited same-day shipping services.

Monitoring your shipments with a comprehensive chain of custody database that tracks the movement of your shipment to ensure integrity throughout transit and send alerts instantly when there is a threat of delay.

Certified, Dedicated, trained drivers and specialized delivery services for the fastest and most reliable same-day delivery service of medical shipments – even after hours, weekends and holidays.

Proof of delivery is available within minutes of drop-off by phone, fax, email, or text, and internet-based tracking and tracing systems here on our website.

Redline Express specializes in same-day shipping of medical products, that is why our 24 hours expedited freight service provides pick up from anywhere in Florida within minutes and offers priceless peace of mind by guaranteeing you on-time same-day medical delivery.

started in 1986 by delivering medications

Pharmaceuticals Courier Services

Redline offers a pharmaceutical courier services for hospitals and wholesalers. Redline Express pharmaceutical courier service offers a range of benefits from the convenience of delivering medication to discharged patients at home through improving stock management and efficiency for wholesaler suppliers.

Our expert pharmacy logistics team have a wealth of experience designing delivery solutions for pharmaceutical wholesalers. Whether regular scheduled movements of over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals, or direct to pharmacy dedicated delivery of unlicensed medicines, Redline Express has a solution to meet your needs.

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very special delivery needs

Lab Samples Services

We pursue to provide you with best-in-class experience that you trully deserve while we work together hand-in-hand as we journey through the process of reaching your long-term and valuable goals.

  • Pick-up test samples from doctor offices, clinics, hospitals, that contract with that lab, and deliver them to the lab the same day, or Airlines for Next Flight Out
  • Transport blood from blood bank to hospital for routine scheduled restock and return of near-expiration blood
  • Cross-match-deliver specific patient blood sample to blood bank to be paired with most similar blood stock
  • Samples could be blood, urine, biopsies, micro-biology

Hospital Pick-up And Delivery

Our medical courier service allows you to customize the delivery of your specimen, pharmaceutical, therapy, and more with our flexible technology and experienced management team.

We serve independent labs, hospital groups, and long-term care pharmacies in Tampa or anywhere else in Florida with a promise to provide service beyond the delivery. Our approach is marked by our commitment to excellence and a culture of care – because specimen delivery isn’t just about logistics. It’s about life.

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