Courier Services

When you’re on a deadline… and every minute counts… it’s time to call Redline Express! We’re the No. 1 courier service in Florida, and we guarantee to make your deadline. That’s EXTREME.

Air courier & cargo team

Air Cargo Courier

Redline Express has a specialized air courier and cargo team, all TSA certified, to service all Indirect Air Carriers across the nation. With service that runs 24-hours a day, 7-days a week we can retrieve and tender your cargo, even pick-up and hold your shipment until ready for flight anywhere in Florida and we are Dangerous Goods Certified.

Our STSA drivers are fully trained in the procedures of filling out an airway bill, security endorsement, and international airway bills. All Redline Express dispatchers have expert knowledge of lock out times and weight or size restrictions according to each designated airline, therefore minimizing any delays associated with tendering air freight.

legal documents are extremely important

Legal Courier Services

That is why Redline Express Support Services offers courier services that will deliver your legal documents quickly and properly. It can be difficult to coordinate deliveries, court filings, legal messengers, document pick-ups, and recordings without a proper courier service.

The courier services that Redline Express Services offers in the greater Tampa and Orlando areas are some of the most efficient in Central Florida. We understand how important courier services are to our clients, and we promise to keep your documents and deliveries flowing into the right hands.

We also understand the need for security when transferring delicate legal documents and items. Our courier service takes all the necessary Precautions to make sure that your items are received and delivered safe and sound.

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pickup and drop-off of mail

Mail Pickup & Delivery Services

Redline Express offers a wide range of services and support to meet all your Mail Pickup & Delivery needs. Some of our service options include the pickup and drop-off of mail and other items to and from the Post Office, FedEx, and UPS. If your company has multiple location or branches, we offer convenient inter-office mail distribution. In addition, we work closely with each client to ensure that the service we provide is uniquely designed to meet their specific needs and budget.
same-day medical courier services

Route Coverage Services

Cut your in-house courier expense by 10-20%! Dedicated Solutions

If your company’s in-house driver is out sick, taking vacation days or having vehicle problems, Redline Express Courier is there to help. Our dedicated driver service, we will provide a driver for you as needed, with the appropriate vehicle to ensure your clients are getting what they need without interruption. Whether you need a dedicated driver for a day, a week, a month, or a year, this service is a proven favorite of our clients. Compensation model for drivers encourages efficient routing while on the road. Give alternate route times for lower cost.

What is an On-Board Courier (OBC)?

On-Board Courier

An OBC is a person who transports goods on-board a commercial flight. We offer on-board courier service within the U.S. as well as abroad for deliveries that you’d like hand-carried or escorted from pick-up through delivery. On-board courier services are preferred by companies sending confidential, time-sensitive or critical care deliveries. We can customize our on-board courier service to your specific requirements and always follow all FAA guidelines to ensure a smooth delivery.

Why On-Board Couriers?
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On-Demand Courier

On Demand Courier Service for pick-ups, and deliveries. Our team of dedicated couriers use our GPS network so that it’s easy for you to monitor and track the progress of your shipment from pick-up to delivery. We offer the convenience of local, regional and national On Demand Courier Services to help you make the most of your time.

60 MINUTES (Our most expensive service and our fastest. Call for availability, Sur-Charge applied)
2 Hour Rush
3 Hour Rush
4 Hour Rush

Low Cost. Call by 11 a.m. for pick-up and delivery by 5 p.m.

Ready before 5:00 PM – Delivered Next day by 12:00 Noon